Monday, November 03, 2003

The gravy train rolls on

A missile attack claims the lives of 16 troops in Iraq, in the single deadliest incident (for the US) in the war, and the venal Donald Rumsfeld unctuously bleats about the need for sacrifice. Well, sure - he and his fat cat buddies aren't the ones sacrificing anything. On the contrary, the feasting by repug donors at the trough filled with taxpayer billions is getting so unseemly that even the supinely subservient "liberal media" is starting to look askance at this feeding frenzy.

On the home front of the war against rights (oops, I mean terror), similar inequities are glaringly evident. Congress has showered rural, sparesly populated states and small towns with millions to buy the latest in high-tech anti-terrorism equipment, while large cities that are far more likely to be terrorism targets go begging for funds. A table published in the print edition of USA Today showed anti-terrorism funding per capita. Blue states like California and New York are at or near the bottom of the table. The winner, getting the most funds per capita, was Wyoming, home state of Commander-in-Secret Dick Cheney. Quelle surprise!

I don't know which disgusts me more about the RRR, their mealy-mouthed sanctimonious hypocrisy or their blatant corrupt sleaziness.

Fox f*x up again...

This is priceless! Faux News obviously learned nothing from having its lawsuit against Al Franken laughed out of court. Incensed by a parody of its scrolling propaganda ticker on "The Simpsons", Fox threatened to sue... itself! (See Yahoo! News report.)

As Homer would say: D'oh!

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